It took me a while to produce this. I've been thinking about how to put this thought into words.

This is about God. I keep thinking about this human phenomen. I am an atheist. I can't say there is no God for sure because I can't prove that. But you can't prove the opposite either. So I say, I believe, I assume, I decide for myself that there is no God. No supernatural power, that created humanity, the plants and animals, and the world we all live in. I'm convinced, that all there is the nothing but the roaring, hustling, whistling sound of the silent universe. Nietsche called atheism nihilism. But to me, that's not right. Life may be a hopeless chaos, a coincidence, just a weird result of the endless evolution. People, societies, emotions, burdens, relations, beginnings, and endings, It is terrible, it is hard, for some all the time, for others now and then.
It is a well-known fact that the amount of religious people in developing countries is generally higher than in industrial nations. Life is hard there, in the developing countries, I heard. The hardes, probably. Having a hard life, people ask themselves "Why?". And to this question, only God is the answer. You couldn't list all the things that lead to the circumstances a person finds him/herself in that very moment he/ she wonders about life, but it would be the correct thing to do.
God describes every human's flaw. It is giving a reason to all this chaos, a destination, and taking fear, having company in the loneliest moments, and holding out hope for everyone, justifiying, and encouraging,
God is also accepting that there are no answers to everything, especially to the question about God. What/who is God? It is not a common question in that sense. People tend to accept that God is simply something beyond their perceiption. And they don't go further. This is what keeps God alive.
But being reasonable, and accepting the evolution theory although we can't explain eeverything here, is what Nietzsche calls the hardest thought. It means realising that humans are nothing but a coincidence, a sudden occurance on the surface of the earth, a triviality. We are not intended, planned, created, destined. We are here. And I assume that almost every religious person would find him/herself lonely, confused, lost, broken, empty, guideless and worthless.
But I say: this is nothing to worry about! For me, it is OK to be worthless, to be a meaningless being on earth's surface. I don't mind being an invisible spot in the big picture of time and space, because to a few wonderful people I am a valuable person and to some people I am the whole picture. And this is why I don't need a God.
The idea of God has shown to be unneceessary. We need to be honest with ourselves and to others and we need to admit that we are afraid. We need accept and we need to give help. And we need to remember that there are others around us who share the same miserable lonelyness and desperation, that they are asking the same question. We need give shelter and hope to others, we need to eat and make love. This is all we can do. We need to give up God.

When I see the sea, the sun, a beautiful river or a beautiful person, when I experience love or luck, I do not think of God. I think: What a beautiful coincidence!

picture via http://myminddroppings.wordpress.com/2009/10/09/almost-nobody-truly-believes-in-god/ (seems to be an interesting article btw, although I haven't read it fully yet)

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