It's been a while, since you heard of me, I know, I know. I've been so busy with life, I completely forgot about my virtual one. There was lots of stuff to do for school before the holidays, the 'pre-finals' had to be written, that means two assignments à 5 hours and one à 4 hours in english, art and history. Okay, I see, this is nothing of relevance to you.
I've been spending more time on tumblr, mostly posting pictures, but now and then a random note or a quote or so, too. Tumblr is way easier and quicker than blogger, you don't need to register yourself each time you want to post.
So, tomorrow is New Year's Eve, my favourite among all parties. I never like Christmas so much because at the end of the day it is mostly about presents and the atmosphere could never really get me going. I like giving presents to the ones I love, but I hate that this christmas is the one day I am supposed to. With all the things I was occupied with in december, including being sick, so many visitings at so many doctors, learning, homeworks, preperations, I just couldn't find any time left to buy presents. And I refused to go searching for them on purpose because, to me, that is missing the point. And, in addition to that, I (being an atheist) don't like Christmas as it celebrates the birth of Jesus- which too many people seem to forget over hunting for present (which, btw, according to the newspaper located here, a high amount of people exchange after the big day). This is why for me, there was never reason to 'celebrate' something I didn't even believe in.
I give when I feel like, and I don't belive in god(s).
As for New Year's Eve, oh, I just love fireworks. Thar glittery, sparkling bangbanbang, and the oohs, and the aahs in the cold and the dark, and this senseless energy that fades already in the morning hours and all resolutions postponed to next year or later. The german word for New Year's Eve is Sylvester. Beautiful, eh? Well, yes, I prefer crackers to cradles, I guess.
Speaking about Sylvester and resolutions, to me, it's the same shit like giving presents because it's christmas. What if I notice a bad habit in march? Do I have to wait till the end of the year till I am going to change it? As I said, senseless, but human.

So, this is me not resolving, just daydreaming, as usual:

2009 was awful, all in all.
2010 will be aw, learning for finals, finals- finally, finishing school, maybe going abroad,sewing, drawing, laughing, running, dancing, losing false friends, learning new languages, writing, traveling, wedges, american appaarel, zara, flowers, flats, glasses, hair, underwear, seaside, island, water, sunbathing, reading, sunglasses, one first and last careless summer, eating, cute dresses and short shorts, no more teachers, lipsticks, tight jeans and white shirts, good music, new music, sun rising, and sun setting, perfume, kissing, dresses, upside- down crosses, bags, darkness and lights, movies, singing aloud although I'm not good at that, magazines, or not, architecture, art exhibitions, dots, stripes, black and white, long skirts, taking more photos, less internet, haha, clothes, jewelry, new friends, tights, coats, scarves, the universe, the moon- always, goodbyes, and hellos, popcorn (always and everywhere- almost), beds, toes, tears, tigers, whales, touches, concerts, cold and warm and everything in between, breath in- breath out...

This is an endless list, coincidence will sweep me away, maybe to some of those places above, maybe not. But as you know, detours show us the best places and people.

Feel free to leave your thoughts, what do you think, what's your opinion and so on?

Status quo: I'm currently...
- reading: the other hand by chris cleave
- listening to: new moon soundtrack (don't assume, I like the movie, I don't didn' even like the books except for the first, but the music is quite good)
-wanting: oh, just peace
-feeling: tired, but I can't seem to fall asleep anyway, so what!

Happy new year everyone!!



Nothing original today... I robbed the hubble website again and above you see the result. I was planning on doing some diy with photos like these, but I am still not decided which layout to chose... so this is in progress, but these pics are constantly beautiful and always welcome distraction, aren't they?

Oh, I forgot where I got the first pic from but I will tell you as soon as I know.



photo: via zara.com

I love love love this tee, but I hate it that all fashion bloggers seem to be into universe prints lately... grrr.
Well, well, I think I gonna have to buy it anyway. I just can't resist something like that.
Edit: no, obviously, I can't- haha! (this means I bought it)



I watched this film (The Semptember Issue) yesterday.

All I basically knew about Anna Wintour before was what I snapped from the discussions about the film The Devil Wears Prada which is based on Lauren Weisberger's novel. Lauren Weisberger was, as you might know, Anna Wintour's assisant and allthough the resemblance of Andy Sachs and the author herself was never officially confirmed it is widespread that there must be some truth about the whole story. And it makes sense, doesn't it? How could anybody be successfull in such a job as chief-editor of the US-Vogue, if he/she were not a hard, cold and demanding person? And doesn't the business itself cries for such an person?
The world of fashion is unjust, superficial, decadent, authoritarian, inhibited, luxurious. It is about money, diszipline and favor. And luck is a dominant part of every aspect. So what reasonable person who values equal rights, fair working conditions and freedom, who can accept and tolerate different opinions, could make this industry work? Right, I don't have an immediate answer, either.

As I am judging here, I have to say that I don't have an overall overview nor any reliable insider information. So, I shouldn't actually have an opinion, I am not supposed to have one and I am sure not competent enough for it.
But the thing is, I have one. And wether it's a stupid and irrelevant one, that's for the competent ones to decide. Because I am sitting at the end of it. I would be the one buying Vogue, if I liked that magazine.

Well, what I know about the fashion industry is that poor children in developing countries have to work on some pair of high-fashion brand jeans, otherwise their
family wouldn't be able to survive. And those children can not go to school, to learn and to make their life less miserable in the end because they would find a better-paid job.
So I know that the fashion industry is exploiting children in developing countries and takes away from them their education and their future.
And I know, that the editors of magazines such as Vogue waste inconceivable much money for editorials and shoots and other semi-important things, that won't even be fully published in the end because the hair looks strange or something... Honestly? Does it matter? It sure doesn't matter to the child sewing the jeans in Bangladesh that the hair looks strange, but I' m positive that it matters to it how many years it's family could have lived free of care with the money that was spent on those photographs that ended up in the trash.

And: Would the ordinary fashionista really notice the strange hair at all? I bet, she wouldn't!

See, with Vogue it's the same like with religion. There is way too much respect for it because the system is working so well. Pray to God, or pray to Vogue, it is, when it is stylized, the same concept: The fashion industry is your religion. The Vogue (especially the US-Vogue) is your church. You pay for it, and with it (church/Vogue), you're in the system, you're in the group. You only get God when you go to church. Those two are bent together. The God of the fashionistas would be Anna Wintour in that case. She rules it all. Designers show her their collections before they show them on the runway shows. Not very free, mh? Whilst on the other hand, being creative is supposed to be the expression of one's personal ideas, feelings, etc, and in my point of view it should be unneccessary to consult anybody else but oneself for that purpose.
Well, back to the church. Fashion is religion, Anna is God, Vogue is the church. Here all fashionistas get to know what Anna wants them to know. And I ask myself:
Why are people letting something like this to be done with themselves? Don't they strive to be as free as possible?

I am not religious and I don't like the Vogue. For several reasons:
First, I don't like the authoritarin character of it. To me, fashion is an art, and when it comes to art, there is no universal opinion about it. There may be a majority and a minority, but what became very clear in the movie The September Issue was, that the US-Vogue is pretty much Anna's personal views, tastes and favourites. But she lets others do the real job for her, she just picks what she likes and is extremely stubborn when it comes to different opinions. Isn't that a shame?? As for me, I think a magazine should have several editors with different opinions equal influence and freedom of dicision-making so that the magazine reflects the variety of designers that want to be noticed and acknowledged.
Second thing I don't like about Vogue is the overwhelming amount of advertisement there is. I must admit, that some advertisement is very well done, but do I have to pay a ridicoulously high price for advertisement that want to lure me into buying something I can't even afford?
Next thing is the fashion industry itself. I woudn't want to buy a magazine that is the support of such an unreal, unfair industry.
I don't consider it very glamourous, wearing a pair of jeans that defrauded some young boy or girl of his education.

So no, I don't like Vogue. I am really interested in fashion but I won't support this cruel system. I think it is a shame and I wonder, why it seems that nobody is aware of what they are doing...

What especially stroke me watching the film yesterday was the absolute paradox the fashion industry bears.
"Fashion is not about looking back. It's always about looking forward. ", Anna said, and she's right. All fashion people are concerned with are the next trends, the next seasons, the new colours, etc, yet the fashion industry itself remains one of the most backwards and fixed institutions, just like the church.

Oh, and btw, Anna Wintour wore Prada at the premiere of The Devil Wears Prada...

Picture sources:

EDIT: people I was not that far a way with my statement! We have the first 'confession': click
EDIT #2: found tha illustration today, haha, I obviously wasn't the first who came up with this idea...



(Lina Scheynius photograph)

Mhh, some music is so weird/ totally not according to my usual kind of music taste that it turns out to be some good stuff. Good crap. Very good.
It's like irony or sarkasm.



So many posts today, haha, more than 100- yaaay. Not that I seriously feel good now or something, I've been actually wasting the time I could have needed for my studies and homeworks and crap like that! But I've totally feeling like wasting time today! Like I was spoiled with, pretending I had hours and hours of leisure, pretending I din't care. Sometimes I just need to throw my time outta the window. Yeah, richt. Away with it. Let somebody else pick it up and learn how to read and write.
From time to time, I take a dose destructivism and say fuck you to the world. Ha! What a revolutionist am, I, huh? (...not... I'm depressed that's all. And I have to stop rambling.)

Good night, sleep tight, alright?


Aw, I don't know whats wrong with me.
Today I lost my belief in friendship. Why, you ask? Because the people who pretend to be friends are no more than jealous, egoistic and dishonest children who take themselves way too serious. That sounds so arrogant, and I might consider changing my mind about it... some time... when school is over- but it's true.

I'm not a party popper but I don't see the sense in overindulging oneself, behaving like a bitch and ending up in the corner, vomitting. Now this is uncool, heh? Well, is it really such a great feeling, not knowing what really happened that friday night but telling everybody els how tanked you were?


leather on 'ya shoulders

all pictures from cosstores.com


pictures via urbanoutfitters.co.uk and http://z.about.com/d/fashion/1/0/o/F/1/earrings.jpg

Long, long earrings to adorn yourself with.



one of my favourites: Wildfox Couture, an american clothing brand for women. Oh, I'd love to own one of these...
Today seems to be the day for dreaming about unaffordable clothes!
So, what are your lustings?

all pictures from here. Enjoy.


I was scrolling through Urban Outfiter's website today and discovered that they are selling Vivienne Westwood'S collections. Now I wish I had loads of money to actually buy them, but now, all I can do is drool over the pics. Ha! And now I'm gonna infect you:

//Hi Sofie!//

Ha! I was trying to drown my grief about school and stuff with coke this afternoon (and didn't succeed, actually), when I saw I got a new reader and it seems probably totally uncool/ unproffessional for a blogger, freaking out and welcoming every new reader, but they are a rare appearance on my blog, so: Hi Sofie! :)



Lately, I've been addicted to a new american television sho called Flash Forward.
The series air on ABC since September and until now, 5 episodes have succeeded in taking my breath away! haha!

So, well the story starts with all people on the world losing consciousness at exactly the same time for 137 seconds. During these, they most of them have a vision of their future, that is about sixth month from the present, the 29th april. And some don't.
And not few people died during this global flash forward, a
s planes and cars crushed, bussed drove into lakes,...
The main character is a FBI agent, Mark Benford, who will be working on finding the reason for this flash forward. Benford is played by Ralph Fiennes, who we know from films such as Shakespeare in love or Luther.

Whilst Benford is highly alarmed by what he saw and fears his vision wil come true, there are other who hope for it. And his colleague Demitri is one of those, who hasn't seen anything, he just blacked out. So he is fearing he's gonna be dead sixth month from then...
As for others, they have visions they can't understand such as another of Benford's colleagues saw her self getting an ultrasound although she's sure that she is not pregnant.

Now the FBI sets up a website where people from all over the world can share their vision and find connections to others.

Demitri for example receives a call from a mysterious woman who tells him he's gonna be dead on April 29. One day after that, Demitris fiancée tells him she saw their wedding...

Meanwhile, the FBI has checked out videos from subway stations, etc and find one person in a baseball stadium who walks around while every other human was unconsciousness.

The surprising revealations about people's futures have them all confused.
Is it gonna come true? Is it a warning? Why was there someone conscious? Who did this? Is it gonna happen again?

Sure this is, a mass loss of consciousnee has happenend before, in 1991 in Somalia...

This series is really thrilling, the actors are well chose and higly convincing and the whole story is great written.
Don't miss it!!

Now what would you do if you saw your life in sixth month?
What if you would get opportunities to change it?
What if for some reason eveything seems to be coming true?
Wouldn't tha be awfull terrifiying?

Gosh, I can't answer those questions myself... what to you guys think?
Haha, I bet there's nobody gonna answer!
Well whatever.


on my finger...!
it's a curse that all jewelry that I lust for is waaaay too expensive for me, speaking of Pamela Love jewelry or this awesome piece, a two finger ring looking like vampire fangs. Ha! Isn't that just freaking awesome? Mmhh, I want it so badly. But with a 140 dollars required it's unfortunately not gonna get here... on my finger.

picure via http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5006912, where you can take a closer look at this beauty and his friends... Check it out, yo! haha!


//Ear cuffs//

desperatley wanting one
picture: source



This could have been my idea (damn it!). I love these sweaters. It's so absolutely anti showing-off-the-university-my-parents-pay-for, but so harmless, cute, with humour. I love them! I am very tempted to buy one, but they are not that cheap...
Please check out their lovely website here: http://www.idontgoto.com/home.html


Night lights Part 2

random photos by me, nothing special & made with a digital camera, but well

Night lights

photos by me