Weight of the world

I may be alone with this poinion, but ballet is so sexy!

Nijinski, pictures from google


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sleepless, restless

now listen to this

H&M Showroom Fall/Winter 2009

aaaaawesome, aaaaaaaaaaawesome... H&M is seriousley getting better every day.

picture credit: fashion glam 
see the whole article here

PS: Sorry for all those H&M posts lately, I'm just like in love with it at the moment. BTW, I could also show you this cute violet bikini I ordered today. Where? Oh, what a question... H&M, of course! haha... no I won't, I think.

Remember life's like a jump rope

reminds me of my mum's old scarfs... lovely!
picure credit: Denise from leopardthunder

I want you

Erotokritos Slingback Sandal, 215 dollars (UK), Urban Outfitters


Into space

Will be away till tuesday evening, gonna take a look a some universitys.

(finally holidays for one week).

H&M Fall/Winter 09

As time passes so fast... here are my favourite from the collection:

picture credit: caroline.feber.se


Chanel interpreted by American Apparel


Cheap Monday Sunglasses

the best.
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Hello? Is there anbody out there?

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(My religion teacher would be infuriated if he read this (thank GOD, he doesn't), he hates people giving only 'google' as a source because it's like saying 'Oh, I went into the library and found the information there...' Yes he's right... I hate admitting teachers are right. Last Friday, when I sat in religion class (annoyed, because all my friends were off to the weekend already, except for me, of course) and was forced (!) to present my homework, I said, google, was my source and my teacher laughed. He'd better go to the dentist before he laughs again (at me). Then I said I found some PDF/ data-file... ah and then he was angry with me...
It's this weird phenomen occuring again: Older people have their own interpretation of the Internet. My religion teacher for example, is quite eager to give us homeworks including resaerch at the Internet, as he thinks it's the easiest and commonest media we are familiar with (he might me right with that again) and he also thinks that that would lead to a better hit rate concerning pupils wo did their research. It doesn't. Ha! here, he's wrong!
Mr. Religion Teacher represents a large group of older people assuming the Internet can provide it's users with information of highest quality. WRONG AGAIN! At least 90 % of the stuff you can find on the internet, is crap. And if you don't even think o f noting the source, it must have been not that striking.
Especially teachers, and my religion teacher is a good represenation again, think that wikipedia.org is as reliable as the national library. No offense, but not everything from wikipedia makes sense. My former german teacher realized this. he gave as an extract from a wikipedia article to find all mistakes/ thinks that startled us (it was an analyse and descripion of a book). Duh, that was fun.
But nevertheless, I wouldn't be able to do my homeworks without the help of wikipedia articles.
Isn't this an addiction already? Isn't that sickening?

Oh, and I'm atheist.)

Don't know why I'm telling this.
Must be on the edge of craziness by now.
Anybody out there?

mhh, delicious...!

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Erdem Fall 09 RTW

isn't that collection just gorgeous?

pictures from style.com


H&M Divided Exclusive Fall Collection

The collection is just gorgeous! I would have n ever thought it was a product of H&M, but indeed, it is. I like this rock/ almost-goth style of this pieces. And it's all black, oh my. Gorgeous. 

This is not the entire collection and not a summary of it. Just some that cought my eye.


Denim Sundress, 35 dollars (UK)

Trophy Blazer, 180 dollars (UK)

Small Round Sunglasses, 15 dollars (UK)
Still remember my post about the Ray Ban Clubmasters (unaffordable, unfortunately)- well here' s the topshop version:

Metal/Plastic Sunglasses, 15 dollars (UK)

all pictures from topshop.com