These 'works', if you can call it that, were created last month when I was playing with my new photo manipulation programme "Live Quartz" which I downloaded from the Internet before. It was free which means that it isn't the best one by far, but nevertheless, it's fun, simple, and sometimes all you need to waste your time when you should be learning or buying presents or something trivial like that.
Enjoy, or don't, and leave your thoughts!

Note: the pictures I used do not belong to me.
Picture 1:
via Magazine: Dazed and Confused, June 2009; Editorial: Chic Surrealism Takes Dolce & Gabbana Into The New Season & The Awesome Abbey Lee, Face Of Gucci, Models The Autumn / Winter Collection; Photographer: Karim Sadli; Model: Abbey Lee Kershaw and via http://hubblesite.org/gallery/album/
Picture 2 and picture 3:
Sorry, I just can't say, if you are/ can ID the owner/ photographer of these photos, please contact me (see below) and I will credit you/ him/ her or remove the photos.
Picture 4:
Picture 5:
Picture 6:

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