Wishing for weekday- again

I'm in love with swedisch fashion. 
Whilst Weekday or Monki seem to be unreachable in sweden/ denmark and only there, brands like acne or filippa K are represented here in Germany, too although the prices are not affordable in my small budged.
Skandinavian fashion- that is pure, clear, almost cool but in an eco-friendly and innovative way.
Simplicity in his beauty.

Filippa K- pictures above from the website http://www.filippa-k.com/
(aahh, those shoes...)


Orion nebula. definately my favourite.

Bild hinzufügen
ah. isn't it breathtaking?

& by the way: as I was looking for pictures like this (for a t-shirt I'm planning to print with a picture of the orion nebula and a pretty cute- in an kinda intimating way- sentence), I discovered a band named Nebula. I immediatly went to youtube to find some of their songs, but the choice was actually quite unsatisfactory. So I searched for their official website, which you can find here.
They're also quite a few mp-3s to listen to online... Honestly, I was sitting infron of my computer, hoping, hoping this band would have great music, as they have the best name in the worrrrld. 
AH, they do.
Not totally-stunning/ strikingly-genius, but I like it.

This seems to be their current album, although I could neithe find it on youtube nor on itunes/ istore..., anyway, I adore it. I'd also love to posses a band shirt of them, first because of their name...., second because noobobody knows the and they're so not mainstream, ah how I'd love that.

 Listen to my current favourite Nebula songs (as if I'd know all...) here. (Hope it works...)

picture credit: nebula cover from their website, the link above, all other photos from google


 photo credit: picture above from knight cat, pictures below from topshop


I've been waiting so long, too long

Our new sewing machine hasn't arrived yet, which drives  me crazy...

But my new camera (Canon EOS 450 D) came wednesday, which will be distracting me for quite a while, I think... haha.

And, I've finally cleaned my room and I'm almost finished. Ahh, my mind is working again.
I need books, more books. I gotta take a look at my  mother's again...

blah, isn't life booring? Mine at least, I'm convinced.

Oh, summer

want them: Ray Ban Clubmaster


The Zoo Part 2

wow, that title's almost a rhime...

so, grey as they are, here are the promised rhea photos:
(I didn't retouch them, unfortunately my programme is broken. anyway.
gorgeous, even though I might be alone with this opinion, I think these animal are amazing.)


Jewels, jewels Part 1

snapshots by me, the original photographs were taken for a german mgazine I bought last year... I'm afraid I forgot the name, but I'll look it up.

Weekday Lookbook

these are my favourites. See the rest here.
Visit the website here.

Oh, how I wish for a Weekday online store...

Clouds Part 3

I seem to fascinated by clouds lately. I just love to see 'single' clouds- finally, after months of nothing but a dark grey cloud cover...

Top 5 Jumpsuits

Grey Petal Romper by Samantha Pleet via bonadrag, 320 dollars

Kaleidescope Romper by Samantha Pleet via bonadrag, 240 dollars

Rojas Ikat Playsuit via nastygal, 132 dollars

Atlantic Silk Romper via nastygal, 138 dollars

Stella Studded Romper via nastygal, 118 dollars

Shop Nastygal

discovered this online shop for vintage and new clothes recently. Awesome!
Visit the site here.