patiently nervous

sorry, sorry, forgot where I found this picture... if anybody who sees this knows/ is the owner of this wonderful picture, let me know and I'll credit him/ her/ you. Sorry again- and thanks.

This so reminds me of  summer holidays, vacation, with my family, former times... aah and I love these over-the-knees.

Only two and a half weeks ill summer holidays finally start.

Good Hours

picture credit: Monsoon Accessorize
purchased yesterday, it actually is not a clutch as on the photo but, however, I LOVE GREAT BRITAIN!!! :D


Lonely Hearts Club

urban outfitters


On the important things in life.


via urban outfitters.

Supermassive Black Hole

Today I completely messed up the math test (which was predictable, but I felt so sorry for my sister as she learnt three days with me), then went shopping with my mum (yeah- definately: frustration). I buyed a vintage skirt, ten fortune cookies (haven't looked what my future will bring... probably gonna do that AFTER the math test is given back... ah- and english, too... :s) and a new notebook for school (can't run away, eh?).
Okay, now I should be writing an essay for religion or working on my art project, but, oh, I hate school. 
And I'm not interested in Jesus....

So this is what I do insead... looking at the probably most beatiful pictures in the world... haha!

title: Muse

Born to be beautiful

I'm in love. Again. With shoes. Aaah, aren't these just lovely? Gorgeous? Amazing? Cuute...? Possibly there are no other words to describe the than these: black and perfect.
picture credit: urban outfitters


That's how I feel right now...

... only- who's  'us'?



A cold shower is nothing, compared to a cold glance. But whilst the coldness from the shower passes when one puts on a bathrobe that has been lying over the heating and fills the body with warmness, the cold glance lingers on ones soul/mind. And although this incident may be forgotten and one's mind distracted, it ... has left it's mark.
Once pain is inflicted, it can never be erased by anything or anything, it only can be covered under the layers of lies or different truths, bit it remains there and crawls out when we don't expect it. And we are thrown out of our course through the universe, lost, lost, lost.




Today purchased: Long denim shirt by Silence + Noise via Urban Outfitters