This could have been my idea (damn it!). I love these sweaters. It's so absolutely anti showing-off-the-university-my-parents-pay-for, but so harmless, cute, with humour. I love them! I am very tempted to buy one, but they are not that cheap...
Please check out their lovely website here: http://www.idontgoto.com/home.html


Night lights Part 2

random photos by me, nothing special & made with a digital camera, but well

Night lights

photos by me

Sound of pulling heaven down

photo by me, song by Blue October


look very good in simple white rooms
via google, http://stylelifephotos.blogspot.com/, and my tumblr (see there for more sources)

Of course I like pink, I'm a girl!

all via urbanoutfitters.co.uk

Fashion goes galactic Part 2

Nebula- prints

via Ivan Rodic Blog, google, and again: http://stylelifephotos.blogspot.com/

Fashion goes galactic Part 1


Sources: asos.com, http://stylelifephotos.blogspot.com/, and google


Pamela Love

'Love' is the right word here.
I just discovered this amazing jewelry designer: Pamela Love

(my favourite)

Perfect Dress

from H&M via anywho


I love outsiders and I will be an outsider forever.

I've had some trouble blogging lately, not only because I am comletely stressed out and hardly find the time to post something, but also because I thought about the blogging itself a lot.

If you don't want your blog to be about your personal style and life, it is hard to run a decent fashion blog. There are already quite a few other sites and blog that inform fashion- interested people about what runs on the runway, what is going on, where and with who.
So I find i kinda lame and unnecessary to post something about the current runway shows and the ones I especially like. Plus, everybody does this and it is not original anymore. Blogging has become so popular, is so wide-spread, everybody seems to have a blog and much of them are so much alike they don't mean anything anymore.

As for me, I always need a purpose or a reason to do something. When I started this blog I wandet to show and share my personal opinion on random fashion iems, runway shows, etc. But today, I feel exhausted of all this and don't see the point in it anymore.
Trends, must-haves, no-gos- almost every blog talk about the same things. Doesn't that bores you guys? I want to see original, astonishing, funny, remarkable, interesting stes and I want to be one myself. I am absolutely against mainstream and I will struggle against it.

So, I am 'planning' changes around here- as you can see (hear) I removed the ipos again, I am still not sure wether I like it here or not... tell me what you think!



L'autre chose

Vor kurzem habe ich ein italienisches Label namens L'autre chose entdeckt, welches Kleidung, Taschen, aber vor allem Schuhe für Frauen herstellt. Die oben abgebildeten Platform-Sandalen, gibt es aktuell in pink, orange und blau auf der Website zu bestaunen, die Leder-Version muss demnach etwas älter sein. Trotzdem: sind sie nicht wundervoll?!
Die ganze Kollektion findet ihr hier. Abseits von Prada, D&G und den ganzen anderen trengebenden Supermarken, ist L'autre chose eben mal etwas anderes...

I currently discovered an italian label named L'autre chose which designs clothing, bags, but mostly shoes, as for example the ones you se above. These platform sandals do actually exist in suede, I guess, in blue, pink, and orange, but I couldn't downlowd the picture, so I suppose tthe black leather version is older...
Anyway, check out their website to see the full collection here.


And miles to go before I sleep

Remeber the post about creepers? Well here's the version by Sonya Rykiel. I really really like them I think they are way better than the original ones.

picture via caroline
title by Robert Frost


I am

As I am heading towards the end of school (and still trying to wrap my mind around that fact), I think about the "after"...
I guess a lot of people at my age can relate, though, I know others who already have a clear idea, if not plan, what to do with their lives.
Well, I am not decided yet. But, naturally, I have dreams. Maybe my dreams will turn out to be idealistic ideas of somehing that doesn't exist in reality, or just
nonsense, or else, I will not know that until I try to fulfill them.

SO here is some sort of list, that should cover most of the things I dream
about while sitting over my english h
omeworks... duh!

Places I'd like to visit:
  • Sweden

  • Norway

  • Finland

  • Denmark

  • America, especially NYC

  • Canada

  • Italy

  • Croatia

  • Portugal

  • Greece

  • Ireland

  • Iceland

  • Russia

  • China

  • Japan

and: Great Britain and France and the Netherlands, although I already went to London, Cornwall, Paris and Enschede, but they are definately worth a second visit. Plus, I've never been to Scotland and to cities like Amsterdam.

Languages I'd like to speak fluently:
  • English (well I'm close to, hehe)
  • French (unfortunately lost almost everything I learned)
  • Swedish (ah, I'm so jealous of my father who is fluent in swedish, it's such a lovely language)
  • Italian (again, my father...)
  • danish
  • well if there is any time and brain left, haha: finnish- very funny language
  • oh, as we are being megalomaniac right know, I think portuguese is a very beautiful language, too
Things I want to do right after school:
  • work, hehe
  • do something social, such as helping build infrastructure somewhere...
  • travel
  • be crative, like paint, draw, ... etc.- things that I always want to do, but never find the time to realise

All the other things that stalk my head:
I want to...
  • be able to sew like ... well let's say Miss Coco Chanel, haha. Seriously, I have a very strong need to sew atm.
  • learn yoga- and greet the sun
  • sell clothes that I designed and sewed
  • ahh, find love, the one and only person to grow old with (here I am very romantic! :D - indirect appeal to the male public between, let's say 17 and 27 to send proposal- ah! and don't forget the photos! haha...)
  • sit in the front row of a fashion show, like Chanel, hehehe... Karl? Did you hear that??!
  • read all tthe book on the world... mhh, except for all sorts of bibles and stuff...
  • last thing, that's gonna have to happen during my lifetime: start an atheistic revolution- yep I'm gonna do that, be warned, people! hahaha...
duh, this list is getting ridiculous (how do you spell this damn word?)... tell me what are you' dreaming of!!