first photo from http://handescloset.blogspot.com*
second photo found on polyvore but unfortunately I don't remember the brand/designer... does anybody do?

*I discovered her blog lately and fell in love with her stlye. And she's such a beatiful person! Now, go & visit her blog!!


The zoo Part 1

I went to the last saturday to take a few photos. Actually I took almost 900 pictures together with my sister. It was hard work editing the photos, but in the end I found some sharp ones of my favourite animals, tigers.
Anyway, here are some of the elephant shots, these animals are so plump that they're beuatiful again, to me at least. Also, I love their skin which looks so old and drawn.

I learned two things, being at the zoo.
  1. I actually don't like zoos. Keeping animals, especially strong and powerful ones like wildcats in small cages and enclosures is wrong, humans shoouldn't put themselves above animals - who are part of the  nature we are desroying right now, btw - and take their freedom. I'd prefer wildcats in their familiar environment. So, I don't think I'm going to visit a zoo again.
  2. Despite this, I dicovered that rheas are really cool animals! Pictures soon.


Twisted Hardware Doctor Bag, 68 US dollars

Deux Lux Doublecross Bag, 68 US dollars

Deux Lux Pintuck Satchel, 68 US dollars


3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 09 RTW

this time it was so hard to find my favourites 'cause every look of his collection was just amazing.
view the whole collection www.style.com

I love Monki

I love Monki
I love Monki - von subtleangel on Polyvore.com


Clouds Part 2


Beth Ditto

This is Beth Ditto, singer of 'The Gossip' and latest muse of none other than Karl Lagerfeld. He says he admires her self-confidence and the way she accepts her body as it is.
I really like that cover, although I actually don't like fat people. But still, it's remarkable. She throws herself into the fashion scene, and sits in the first row of  the fashion shows in Paris among all those super-skinny models/ journalists/ etc.
I think the world needs more of courageous and rebellious people like her!


Accessorize Bags

Woven Ikat Bag, 40 dollars  

Bangkok Flower Tassle Scoop Bag, 40 dollars     

Happy Summer Folk Embellished Bag, 30 dollars 

Aztec Embellished Shoulder Bag, 40 dollars

Mosaik Drawstring Cross Body Bag, 35 dollars 

Bobbly Chainmail Cross Body Pouch Bag, 20 dollars
                                          all pictures from www.monsoon.co.uk/icat/accessorize


Cheap Monday Fashion Show AW 09

all pictures from cheapmonday.com
these are just my personal favourites.
View the whole collection here: http://www.cheapmonday.com

LA ROCHELLE Platform Shoe

65 dollars
  1. love it
  2. buy it!
  3. wear it!!
pictures from topshop.com

3 Polyvores

pink and grey
pink and grey - von SubtleAngel on Polyvore.com

Too short to be true
Too short to be true - von SubtleAngel on Polyvore.com

Topshop faves
Topshop faves - von SubtleAngel on Polyvore.com

Miss Selfridge

Black Spot Tulip Skirt, 28 dollars
Black Soft Croc Print Day Bag, 38 dollars
Oversize Flapover Clutch, 20  dollars

Jade Bucked Quilt Stud Bag, 25 dollars

pictures from www.missselfridge.com