I love outsiders and I will be an outsider forever.

I've had some trouble blogging lately, not only because I am comletely stressed out and hardly find the time to post something, but also because I thought about the blogging itself a lot.

If you don't want your blog to be about your personal style and life, it is hard to run a decent fashion blog. There are already quite a few other sites and blog that inform fashion- interested people about what runs on the runway, what is going on, where and with who.
So I find i kinda lame and unnecessary to post something about the current runway shows and the ones I especially like. Plus, everybody does this and it is not original anymore. Blogging has become so popular, is so wide-spread, everybody seems to have a blog and much of them are so much alike they don't mean anything anymore.

As for me, I always need a purpose or a reason to do something. When I started this blog I wandet to show and share my personal opinion on random fashion iems, runway shows, etc. But today, I feel exhausted of all this and don't see the point in it anymore.
Trends, must-haves, no-gos- almost every blog talk about the same things. Doesn't that bores you guys? I want to see original, astonishing, funny, remarkable, interesting stes and I want to be one myself. I am absolutely against mainstream and I will struggle against it.

So, I am 'planning' changes around here- as you can see (hear) I removed the ipos again, I am still not sure wether I like it here or not... tell me what you think!


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  1. thank you! every single fashion blog seems to be the same, talking about how stripes and dots don't go together, or whatever the shiz ( i dont care ).
    i dont really like reading that much about fashion, cause obviously, i have no self esteem and feel that nothing will fit me.
    so i like reading about stuff that means something (not 'this is what i did today').
    the only fashion-thingy i really love reading about is BAGS! <3 handbags, purses, daybags, weekendsbags, i love it!!
    Sorry, so random.