Lately, I've been addicted to a new american television sho called Flash Forward.
The series air on ABC since September and until now, 5 episodes have succeeded in taking my breath away! haha!

So, well the story starts with all people on the world losing consciousness at exactly the same time for 137 seconds. During these, they most of them have a vision of their future, that is about sixth month from the present, the 29th april. And some don't.
And not few people died during this global flash forward, a
s planes and cars crushed, bussed drove into lakes,...
The main character is a FBI agent, Mark Benford, who will be working on finding the reason for this flash forward. Benford is played by Ralph Fiennes, who we know from films such as Shakespeare in love or Luther.

Whilst Benford is highly alarmed by what he saw and fears his vision wil come true, there are other who hope for it. And his colleague Demitri is one of those, who hasn't seen anything, he just blacked out. So he is fearing he's gonna be dead sixth month from then...
As for others, they have visions they can't understand such as another of Benford's colleagues saw her self getting an ultrasound although she's sure that she is not pregnant.

Now the FBI sets up a website where people from all over the world can share their vision and find connections to others.

Demitri for example receives a call from a mysterious woman who tells him he's gonna be dead on April 29. One day after that, Demitris fiancée tells him she saw their wedding...

Meanwhile, the FBI has checked out videos from subway stations, etc and find one person in a baseball stadium who walks around while every other human was unconsciousness.

The surprising revealations about people's futures have them all confused.
Is it gonna come true? Is it a warning? Why was there someone conscious? Who did this? Is it gonna happen again?

Sure this is, a mass loss of consciousnee has happenend before, in 1991 in Somalia...

This series is really thrilling, the actors are well chose and higly convincing and the whole story is great written.
Don't miss it!!

Now what would you do if you saw your life in sixth month?
What if you would get opportunities to change it?
What if for some reason eveything seems to be coming true?
Wouldn't tha be awfull terrifiying?

Gosh, I can't answer those questions myself... what to you guys think?
Haha, I bet there's nobody gonna answer!
Well whatever.


  1. wow. your blog is amazing! i love it, hehe.
    flashforward; i haven't seen that show it seems a little bit too 'heroes' for my taste. maybe i'll check it out. i don't know, i don 't usually like shows with actors that look like they belong in a glass box because they're so beautiful.

    keep on blogging xD

    but yeah, i don't think i would want to see my life in six months, in case i've gained weight. lol.
    but one question, can they change the future? or is it definite?


  2. That sounds very interesting.
    I'm gonna look out for it.