Approaching Normal

Currently listening/seriously addicted to: Blue October

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I cannot say, which song or album is my favourite. They're all so different. 
They're all so good.

Something about Justin Furstenfeld, singer/guitarist and songwriter of Blue October:

When not touring with his band, Furstenfeld resides in San Marcos, Texas. He is the brother of Blue October drummer, Jeremy Furstenfeld. He has a daughter named Blue (born in 2007) to whom several of the songs on the current Blue October album Approaching Normal are dedicated. Justin Furstenfeld has battled withbipolar disorder through most of his life. He has his condition under control, saying in an interview that "I'm not a danger to myself [anymore]." According to a VH1 online article about the band, "Into the Ocean" has had an impact on many listeners who may have been contemplating suicide. Growing up, Furstenfeld listened to hip-hop, rock, country, dance; his favorite artists included Marvin Gaye, The Smiths, Red House Painters and Pink Floyd.His first musical memory was Roy Orbinson's ballad, "Crying" During his high school years at Houston's prest igious High School for the Performing and Visual Arts(HSPVA), he formed a band The Last Wish, which he played in from the age of 13 until 1995. When performing solo, Furstenfeld uses the moniker 5591, the number 5591 being his patient number when he was admitted to a mental institution following a breakup with his then-girlfriend Amanda. He tells this story in the confessionals on the Argue With a Tree DVD (found in the Special Features). He has written over 500 songs and counts among his influences: Micheal Stipe, The Cure, The Pixies, Peter Gabriel, Idaho, Elliot Smith, Blue Miller, George Winston, Jean Michel Basquiat and U2. Furstenfeld is also an artist, and his paintings have appeared on the covers of two Blue October albums, The Answers and History for Sale. His artwork is also featured on T-shirts and posters for the band.

source: wikipedia.org; I copied part of the wikipedia article, which you can read in full length here.

Don't forget to check out the latest single HERE.

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