The zoo Part 1

I went to the last saturday to take a few photos. Actually I took almost 900 pictures together with my sister. It was hard work editing the photos, but in the end I found some sharp ones of my favourite animals, tigers.
Anyway, here are some of the elephant shots, these animals are so plump that they're beuatiful again, to me at least. Also, I love their skin which looks so old and drawn.

I learned two things, being at the zoo.
  1. I actually don't like zoos. Keeping animals, especially strong and powerful ones like wildcats in small cages and enclosures is wrong, humans shoouldn't put themselves above animals - who are part of the  nature we are desroying right now, btw - and take their freedom. I'd prefer wildcats in their familiar environment. So, I don't think I'm going to visit a zoo again.
  2. Despite this, I dicovered that rheas are really cool animals! Pictures soon.

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